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Tracey Shrouder

Serving those that Serve…

This past week, I earned my CRMS (Certified Residential Military Specialist) Designation in Real Estate.  I am working with some Veteran buyers currently, and I thought it sounded interesting and would give me some additional insight.  Fairway Mortgage was offering it for free, to local Realtors.  So it was a win win for me!  What I did not realize, was that this class was going to profoundly change the way I see our active military and our Veterans.  I have never been to a real estate class that tugged on my heartstrings at much as this training.  We got to learn how to protect our protectors, and to be the one in the middle making sure the wolves at the door cannot take advantage of our heroes that have fought for our freedom.

We heard from a war hero, we watched videos that showed exactly what they were doing for us, and we were able to witness Fairway Mortgage give a Veteran, his wife, and his two children a FREE home!  There was not a dry eye in the room, and we needed extra tissues as one of the Realtors at our table was also preggers (she had to go get tissues twice).

As Americans, it is easy to take our freedom for granted and get caught up in our day to day life.  It took me sitting in this class to remind me that there are people out there fighting for my freedom EVERY DAY.  They come back wounded emotionally and physically, and there is not much I can do to change that.  But I can help, even if it is in small ways.  I can donate to Veterans Groups, I can go to and buy boots (and a portion of every sale goes directly to active and veteran military families).  I can wear RED (Remember Everyone Deployed) on Fridays to support our soldiers that are deployed.  I can reach out to the Veteran community and volunteer. And I can make sure that every Veteran that buys a home with me gets the protection they deserve.

It opened my eyes, and it made me take a harder look at my freedoms.  It opened my heart to this community that fought for me.  And it made me want to fight for them!  I am proud to be a Certified Residential Military Specialist, and I am proud to be an American!

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